3 ways to get rid of your anxieties

Nov 23

3 ways to get rid of your anxieties

Risultati immagini per anxietyWe know, as freelancers, there is always a “risk” component in our professional lives.

That’s part of the game.

When we started working as entrepreneurs we considered all the advantages and disadvantages, and we automatically accepted to take on risks.

That component can be “positive” in a way because it pushes us to do better and better, to improve, to constantly take on new challenges.

However, sometimes risks can be overwhelming, so you may wonder if there is something we can do to overcome our fears and live without worrying EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

The answer is yes, we can do something, and here you can find three main ways to get rid of your anxieties, once and for all:


I always focus my attention on this aspect because I truly believe that being well organized can be of great help when it comes to the freelancing activity. First of all, I talk about organization on your desk: if everything is in order, there’s (at least) the impression of a clean, structured, well-designed and prepared, profitable business, isn’t there? Then, we can consider organization in your pc: this is crucial so as to find all necessary documents when needed. I’m a fan of well structured files, sub-files, categories and folders (one for each client, one for each month of the year, one for invoices, one for personal things, one for the house, one for the children, etc…). Then, I also take into account organization between personal and professional life: I try to schedule as much as possible all extra activities, free time, time to spend with family/children, time for hobbies, time for the shopping, etc. With a well-scheduled agenda, I’m able to manage all the things I want to do during that particular week. All these are important aspects to bear in mind, we can’t live exclusively for our job. Plus, we can’t risk to work until late, and forget to pick up the children or do the shopping. We need a balance between life and work, and this balance can be achieved (also) through a planned timetable.

Do one thing at a time

I experimented the so called multitasking, but it didn’t work (for me!). The result is that you begin several activities at the same time, and you end up without finishing all you planned to do, or you do some of those activities quite badly. So I said no, I can’t do that. It’s better to focus on one thing at a time, do it properly, be sure to finish it, and then pass to the other task you programmed for that day. I think this is also a form of organization which helps stay focused and concentrated on that specific activity. This is particularly true when it comes to translation projects: we have to give the best of ourselves, otherwise we might risk to lose a client, and we don’t want this!

Plan and be prepared to take up a new business activity

This is probably the most difficult thing to put into practice but I believe it’s quite necessary for a freelancer. We know, with our main business we may be super busy one month and do nothing the next, causing both financial and also psychological issues to ourselves and our families. So, I suggest considering taking up a new side-activity, which can be related to our main business, or be completely different (perhaps following our hobbies…). In this way, we are (quite) sure to have always something to do and, above all, get the right amount of money necessary to run our family and our own life. Personally, I work as a translator, but I’m also a teacher so every now and then I work at school. Those periods in which I combine both businesses are not easy at all, but I’m sure to be safe and sound for another month! It doesn’t have to be a big business, also small activities can be of help.

Other practical ideas to overcome stress and anxiety when working?

If you have other ideas to share with us, and they worked for you, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be more than glad to listen to your tips.