“Ask-what-you-want” sessions

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The power of mutual help

I receive a lot of e-mails and messages from newbie translators who ask me for help, because they would like to enter the translator industry but they don’t know how it works, they don’t know how to calculate their prices, how to find clients, how to create a portfolio, how to design a website, etc.

I really believe in the power of mutual help, also because I needed help when I started my business back in 2010 and I found very understanding and helpful colleagues who gave me tips and tricks about many different topics regarding this beautiful yet complicated world. So, in order to help all those people who keep asking me, and not to lose too much time answering every single e-mail (because, you know, it takes quite a lot of time to give a tailor-made answer to everybody), I decided to create some special free “ask-what-you-want” sessions.

How do they work?

It all happens via Facebook, since I assume everybody now has got a Fb account, on my brand-new group, Recipes to stand out an shine as a translator. Every Wednesday I’ll start a post using the hashtag #askwhatyouwantsession and everybody will be able to ask me and the other participants questions about the translation world, from prices to specialization, from how to start to how to find clients, etc. 

So come and join my page here and be sure to connect every Wednesday!

About the Author

Irene Acler is a professional English-Spanish to Italian translator, committed to support companies in entering the Italian market, and a language&business coach, passionate about helping people start their own online business, make it up and running and achieve success.