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Irene Acler is a professional English-Spanish to Italian translator, committed to support companies in entering the Italian market, and a language&business coach, passionate about helping people start their own online business, make it up and running and achieve success.

Giu 23

Summer time

Here I am again, after a long time. You know, I’ve been very busy this year with my job at school. Now that I’ve finished at school, I come back to concentrate on my freelance business. You’ll say: ok, but it’s summer, you go on holiday, maybe it’s not the best time of the year […]

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Mag 03

“Ask-what-you-want” sessions

The power of mutual help I receive a lot of e-mails and messages from newbie translators who ask me for help, because they would like to enter the translator industry but they don’t know how it works, they don’t know how to calculate their prices, how to find clients, how to create a portfolio, how […]

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Apr 24

Recipes to stand out and shine as a translator

Hey there!After so many weeks, I’m here again. You know, always busy…Today I’m sharing with you a new project: I’ve just created a brand-new Facebook group, Recipes to stand out and shine as a translator, and you can find it exactly here. You may ask, what is it about? There are so many groups out […]

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Mar 02

When you run out of time…

  Here I am, again, after a couple of months since my last blog post. I’m really sorry for that, because I always talk about organization, goal setting, blog post writing in advance… and then I’m the first who is caught in the trap of time. But please, tell me if you’ve never be caught […]

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Gen 03

4 tips for your New Year goal setting

Welcome 2017! The new year has started since a few days and it’s time to establish new, feasible goals to work through during this 2017. I have a lot of things in mind, and I suppose you, too, but in order to avoid forgetting something important it is necessary to elaborate a plan, both professional […]

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Dic 28

New Year wishes and greetings

  Christmas day has already passed and we’re leading towards New Year’s Eve. Time literally flies and I’m busier and busier, besides the Christmas holidays. Taking a breath from school is good for a while, but my translation job continues straight on. In addition, my two daughters at home want to play every single minute […]

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Nov 23

3 ways to get rid of your anxieties

3 ways to get rid of your anxieties We know, as freelancers, there is always a “risk” component in our professional lives. That’s part of the game. When we started working as entrepreneurs we considered all the advantages and disadvantages, and we automatically accepted to take on risks. That component can be “positive” in a way […]

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Giu 13

Welcome on board!

Hi everybody out there! I’m here today to start my brand-new website and blog. After a couple of years trying to design my own website and figure out what my target market was, struggling to find the right path for my business, I decided to completely renovate my online presence. I started by restyling my website, adding […]

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