Recipes to stand out and shine as a translator

Apr 24

Hey there!
After so many weeks, I'm here again. You know, always busy...

Today I'm sharing with you a new project: I've just created a brand-new Facebook group, Recipes to stand out and shine as a translator, and you can find it exactly here.

You may ask, what is it about? There are so many groups out there for freelance translators.

Yes, you're right, but this is different 😉

It is particulary addressed to you, newbie or would-be translator.
You, who are still stuck in your ​9-5 job and you aren't happy with what you have.
You, who are struggling to enter the translation industry, but you don't know exactly what to do and how to do that.
You, who desperately want to become an established translator.
You, who want to create your successful and thriving online business, the business of your dreams.

That's why I created this group: to support you, to listen to you and your struggles, and ultimately to give you the help and guidance you need to make your dream come true.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Come and join me in this great community!

About the Author

Irene Acler is a professional English-Spanish to Italian translator, committed to support companies in entering the Italian market, and a language&business coach, passionate about helping people start their own online business, make it up and running and achieve success.