Summer time

Giu 23

Here I am again, after a long time. You know, I’ve been very busy this year with my job at school. Now that I’ve finished at school, I come back to concentrate on my freelance business.

Risultati immagini per summer time

You’ll say: ok, but it’s summer, you go on holiday, maybe it’s not the best time of the year to make changes…

Well, it’s the only period I’m at home (I’ll go to the seaside in September, so I have two entire months to work on Studio Acler).

That said, recently I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and Facebook posts of colleagues who are really active and dynamic, who go to industry-related events and meetings, who offer brand-new courses and promotions. I must confess: I’m a bit jealous! You wonder why… well, I’ve always been particularly dynamic with my business, too, but having a temporary emplyment in a school required all my energies and efforts. As a consequence, no events or meetings for me, no new courses, no blog posts, nothing. And I’m quite sorry about that, but… it’s a question of choice, of course. My experience at school has been really positive, and I would undoubtedly repeat it (as a matter of fact, in September I HOPE to repeat it!).

And if there is one thing that I learnt working on two parallel jobs is this: it IS very hard working as an employee and as a freelancer. Many young would-be translators keep asking if it is possible to combine these two types of jobs. My answer is: partially. Yes, it is feasible and I’m a concrete example of this. I managed to do both things, but what are the results?
– First of all, I’m particularly stressed: go to school, prepare your lessons, participate to the school infinite meetings, go home, look after two kids, take one kid to school, take the other to the swimming course, do the shopping, prepare lunch and dinner, clean your house, translate… well, it is A LOT of stuff, indeed.
– Secondly, I focused more on my job at school than on my translation business. I didn’t do any promotion or marketing activity, I didn’t search for new clients, I didn’t use my blog very much. I just limited myself to translating for a number of clients who I’ve been helping for a lot of years now.

That’s it. Nothing more. But, actually, this is not my best idea of freelancing. So, if you want to take on two jobs at a time, one of this being freelancing, remember that one of the two jobs will naturally come second.

I don’t want to discourage you, of course, but I just want you to really think of the pros and cons and the results you get.

Anyway, having said that, I’m going to take advantage of these summer months and give a boost to my business.

Risultati immagini per change

I feel it’s time for change. I need a change. I’d like to do more, to do something different, new, original. Ok, maybe next life 🙂

Well, to begin with, I’ve implemented a small change: I’ve rearranged my professional Facebook page, adding new sections and deleting others, making the most of the features this social network offers. Plus, I’ve changed a bit the name of the page: Studio Acler Traduzioni, which is shorter than before, it’s easier to understand what I do, it’s easier to remember.

Secondly, I’m slowly planning my CPD for the next months, which I feel is absolutely needed because I want to introduce one new field of expertise in my portfolio. More info to follow 🙂

Thirdly, I’ve a project hidden in my office drawer. Let’s see if I can make it real!

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Irene Acler is a professional English-Spanish to Italian translator, committed to support companies in entering the Italian market, and a language&business coach, passionate about helping people start their own online business, make it up and running and achieve success.