Welcome on board!

Giu 13

Hi everybody out there!

I’m here today to start my brand-new website and blog. After a couple of years trying to design my own website and figure out what my target market was, struggling to find the right path for my business, I decided to completely renovate my online presence.

I started by restyling my website, adding a new copy and new pictures of myself.

I decided to move into two main directions, as you can see under my About page:

  • on the one hand, I want to help companies and private people overcome their linguistic barriers, and in order to do so, I’m ready to translate all their documents, particularly in three main fields: travel and tourism, fashion and clothing and technical sector;
  • on the other hand, I want to offer my help as a business and language couch, guiding would-be translators build their own successful online business andproviding the exact steps necessary to enter the translation industry.

I also have an Italian blog, Appunti di una traduttrice, who many of you follow (THANK YOU!). I’d like to leave it online, at least for a while, but my idea is to mainly focus on this English blog, so as to try and reach a wider audience. I hope to be able to manage all things 🙂

Watch out for my blog posts, in which I’ll give you plenty of tips and tricks about the translation world, marketing techniques, translation sectors and much, much more!


About the Author

Irene Acler is a professional English-Spanish to Italian translator, committed to support companies in entering the Italian market, and a language&business coach, passionate about helping people start their own online business, make it up and running and achieve success.